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1 made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally

  1. (of a situation or concept) not existing naturally


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on air

artificial on air> was a weekly show broadcast in 2012 via Regal Radio, a short-lived internet station.

demonstrating the breadth of the electronic genre, artificial on air> played a wide array of music, showcasing new and unsigned bands alongside well-known names.

all episodes of artificial on air> can be heard on  mixcloud.


artificial online> is a semi regular podcast bringing you the best electronic music around.

artificial online> continues in the same vein as artificial on air> by showcasing music from a wealth of electronic artists, illustrating the versatility and variety of the electronic genre.

including regular features, artificial online> includes irreverent and moronic banter between it’s two idiot hosts.

artificial online> can be heard on mixcloud.


artificial> was intended as a series of regular live events featuring performances from a range of electronic artists.

artificial 01> took place on 21 august 2010 with sets from bispatial, conversation, geigertek, lost controllers, madsen & ella, sure and vista.

artificial 02> followed on 9 june 2012 featuring live performances from bispatial, brand damage, electro kill machine, madsen & ella, silver factory superstars and sure, which were streamed to over 9000 viewers online.


artificial> was conceived by three music lovers to provide a platform for new, quality electronic music.

artificial> was envisaged to encompass live events that showcase up-and-coming artists working within the electronic genre as well as being supported by radio shows and webcasts to provide further exposure for the artists.